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Disciples in the Moonlight

Disciples in the Moonlight

7/17/20242 hr 11 min

In the not-too-distant future, the United States has banned the Bible for its “offensiveness” and replaced it with a government-approved version. A small group of Christians are recruited to smuggle God’s Word to underground churches throughout the Midwest. With a ruthless federal agent in hot pursuit, the believers must choose between following the law or honoring and trusting God.

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Sight & Sound Presents – Daniel Live!

Sight & Sound Presents – Daniel Live!

8/30/20243 hr 20 min

For the first time ever Sight & Sound is broadcasting LIVE into movie theaters nationwide! Join us as the brand-new original production, DANIEL, goes from the big stage to the big screen in this special live event. Taken from his people, Daniel is exiled inside the perilous kingdom of Babylon. As he navigates this new life, will his trust in God remain steadfast through every test of faith? From the fiery furnace to the infamous lion’s den, DANIEL is a spectacular theatrical experience for the whole family. Gather your loved ones and witness one of the Bible’s most powerful stories as it comes to life in movie theaters across the country! Live broadcast, Friday August 30th with additional showtimes through September 2nd.

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