Costume Policy:

R/C Theatres will not admit any guest wearing as mask, face-paint or any face-obscuring hood, hat or prop, or any guest with a simulated weapon. 

Does not include masks that are recommended by the CDC and required by R/C Theatres as part of our CinemaSafe policy for COVID-19 response.

R-Rated Policy:

Minors under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult 21 or older to attend an R-rated movie. Accompany means that the adult must watch the movie with the minor.
For those 17 or older, a photo ID with birthdate must be presented if asked for by the box office attendant. Photo ID’s without a birthdate are not considered appropriate identification for our purposes.

Pass Policy:

Passes are not accepted for any movie during the first week. There are additional restrictions on some movies which prohibit passes from being accepted for longer than a week. 

Bag Policy:

R/C Theatres maintains the right to search any backpack, large bag or package.